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We are a Kansas-based business that sells vibrant and stylish hoodies along side our very own Venalli Hoodie Hangers. Each hoodie comes with 10 Venalli Hangers! Don't forget yours!

We pride our selves on fast shipping and quality products. Hoodie Hangers are manufactured here in Kansas with durable-long lasting material. All Hoodie Hangers are processed next day. All hoodies are made to order and shipped out specifically for you. 

Customer service is our #1 priority. Dad always said, "Son, the customer is always right, even when the customer is wrong." If there is anything we can do for a customer we will do it. Reach out by clicking the chat box in the bottom right. 

All customers find comfort in our painless return/refund process, few find out how painless it actually is though. Within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with your order, email us at venallistore@gmail.com, print the provided shipping label, apply shipping label to package, and deliver to a USPS store near you. Once received, We will refund the card on file. 

Our Story

My name is Nick Werne. Growing up I always wanted to design "things." I believed I would be able to design things from an out of the box perspective. This was all but a dream and a desire, I had no plans to make this dream a reality other than to go into engineering. At the very end of my college career I was exposed to 3D Printing and I was fascinated by them. I knew, whatever I did out of college, I would learn to 3D print after hours.

After graduating I bought a 3D printer and all my available free time was spent learning how to magically spawn items into existence using the 3D printer. I was loving it. I had to learn how to 3D Model, which came naturally somehow, and then I had to learn all the do's and dont's of 3D printing.

While in the process of learning, I was also learning how to live in a small one bedroom apartment. As my knowledge of designing and 3D printing grew, so did the ideas that I could make. First of which was the Venalli Hoodie Hanger.

I knew immediately I wanted to sell this product, it had the potential to be in every small apartment entryway closet in the country! My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) was selling on Etsy and made it sound really great so I thought I would try Etsy out using the hoodie hanger. Pulled together some shipping materials, took some pictures of the hangers and the listings were live on Etsy. I wasn't really thinking this would absolutely take off. I uploaded it and moved on to the next idea. The problem solving of the logistics and the production was incredible and I wanted more. I went on to design and produce two or three other products but only 1 of them actually made it to Etsy.

Eventually, I moved in with my wife in a two bedroom apartment and acquired a shelf to hold 12 3D printers to produce all the hangers. I marketed, manufactured, sold, and shipped all the hangers. Sales kept climbing to the point where I was getting burnt out and the printers could not handle the load any longer. The hangers are now mass produced here in Kansas and assembled on site. Now that the hangers are professionally mass produced they are more durable, better looking, and last longer in your closet. All marketing, shipping, and handling is still done by myself.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to come out with some hoodies to sell along with the hangers. "Each hoodie will come with a free hoodie hanger"... That was the idea anyways. My wife and I designed all the hoodies and sample tested all of them. Now, each hoodie will come with 10 Hoodie Hangers, quite the upgrade!

That is Venalli's Story. 

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